Ignition Coils

Ignition coils are a key part of the ignition system of petrol engines. Their job is to convert the low battery voltage (12 volts) into the thousands of volts (up to 40 kV) needed to create a spark in the spark plug. This spark is used to ignite the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber of the engine. TESLA's range of ignition coils comprises more than 400 different types, covering 95% of the vehicles in service in Europe and neighbouring regions.


In simple terms, ignition coils consist of three parts: a primary circuit consisting of several hundred turns of primary winding, a secondary circuit with many thousands of additional turns, and a core. However, that is far from all. Backed by over 50 years of experience, TESLA ignition coils are designed to meet or exceed OE specifications and provide high durability and maximum service life. Each ignition coil undergoes rigorous product testing and validation. They undergo extensive measurement and durability testing that include thermal shock, thermal cycling and vibration testing to ensure 100% reliability.

Silicone boot with high heat resistance

The metal core generates a variable magnetic field and allows high voltage to be generated

The thick copper wire of the primary winding between the core and the secondary coil provides the pulse to create a high-voltage spark at the spark plug

Hundreds of turns of copper wire on the secondary winding increase in voltage from the original 12 volts

Tin plated brass contacts provide a low voltage connection

Epoxy resin is used to protect electronic circuits

Ignition coil types

TESLA offers all types of ignition coils, including coils for cars with distributor, block coils, block coils with two high voltage outputs, pencil coils with double spark and single spark technology and coil systems (also known as "rails").

Although all ignition coils have the same principle of operation, different types of coils have been developed over the last few decades. This means that the type of ignition coil a vehicle uses also depends on when it was manufactured. Now many different types of ignition coils are produced, differing in design and the amount of electronics incorporated.


Cylinder coils / válcové cívky

The oldest type of ignition coils. Nowadays, cylinder ignition coils are only installed in older cars. They are designed for cars with rotary high voltage distribution and interrupter.

Historie 1

Distributor coils / elektronické cívky

Ignition coils for vehicles with mechanical ignition distributor. One ignition coil feeds the spark plugs through the distributor. The number of ignition cables corresponds to the number of spark plugs.

Historie 2

Rail coils / zapalovací lišty

Several ignition coils depending on the number of cylinders are in a single, compact module. These coils operate independently of each other and behave like single-spark ignition coils. The individual coils are connected directly to the spark plugs.

Historie 3

Block coils / blokové cívky

The block coil combines multiple ignition coils that supply the individual spark plugs with the necessary high-voltage pulse via the ignition cables. Block ignition coils use single and dual spark technology.

Historie 4

Pencils coils / tužkové cívky

Single-spark pencil ignition coils are installed directly on the spark plug. Usually no ignition cables are required except for dual-spark ignition coils. As a result, the coil generates a high-voltage pulse directly at the spark plug.

Historie 5

Without sufficient energy supplied by the ignition coil, the spark plug could not produce the spark required for optimum combustion. An improperly functioning ignition coil can cause poor engine ignition, erratic operation, loss of power, high fuel consumption, or even cause the vehicle to not start.

Quality ignition coils provide more precise ignition timing, reduce emissions and ensure better fuel economy. TESLA's wide range of ignition coils provide OE quality, long life and maximum performance. Thanks to their design and the materials used, TESLA ignition coils fulfill all necessities for the trouble-free operation of any vehicle.


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