Coil-on-Plug Boots

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Direct ignition systems are designed to distribute the ignition spark more efficiently to the fuel in the combustion chamber. The ignition system delivers 30 to 60 thousand volts directly to the spark plug several thousand times per minute. The connection between the coil and the spark plug is made via the coil-on-plug boots.

Application and function

We have engineered an economical replacement solution for all OEM ignition coils with replaceable coil-on-plug boots that deteriorate due to heat, ozone, or physical damage – sidestepping unnecessary replacement of the entire ignition coil. We currently offer more than 200 different types of the coil-on-plug boots for all European and import car makes and models. We are the largest supplier in Europe in terms of range and quality.




Engine environment, heat, water contamination, fuel and lubricant contamination and abrasion damage can all shorten the life of coil-on-plug boots significantly and may require replacement to keep an engine running efficiently. Timely replacement prevents costly damage to ignition coils, sensors, ECU’s and catalytic converters. TESLA coil-on-plug boots are manufactured from the best materials for top performance and endurance – so next time when you replace the engine’s spark plugs, replace also the coil-on-plug boots.


Coil-on-Plug systems are designed to distribute the ignition spark more efficiently to the fuel in the combustion chamber. Coil-on-plug delivers between 30 and 60 thousand volts directly to the spark plug thousands of times per minute. The connection between coil and spark plug is made through the coil-on-plug boot. TESLA coil-on-plug boots are made up of a flexible, heat resistant outer cover over a conductive spring. Material construction meets or exceeds OEM specifications for dielectric strength and heat resistance.

Heat-resistant seal prevents dirt and moisture from entering the engine block

Flexible silicone body ensures reliability and mechanical durability at extreme temperatures in the engine environment

Conductive spring made of stainless steel transfers the high voltage spark from the ignition coil to the spark plug

A suppression resistor with a defined value suppresses high-frequency interference. A good connection between the resistor and the spring is a prerequisite for proper spark transmission.

All TESLA boots are subjected to rigorous dimension, function, thermal, and vibration testing to ensure superior performance and reliability. The same attention is paid to the quality of the packaging. Each package contains a conductive spring, a silicone ring and the corresponding type of suppression resistor, depending on the type of the boots. The warranty period is 36 months for all types of TESLA coin-on-plug boots.

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