Tesla Electronics

The range of electronic components and modules for motor control and charging is the second key part of TESLA BLATNÁ's production activities. The company develops this production assortment drawing from its long-term experience, strong development department, and close cooperation with its long-standing partners who are successful companies in various fields throughout Europe.


We produced the first wirewound resistors in 1958, shortly after the company was founded. Starting with resistors with power up to 10W, we gradually switched to resistors with higher power. Today, we produce resistors of various designs with power ratings ranging from 10W to 6,000W. In addition to our standard range, we focus on producing tailor-made resistors that we develop together with our customers.



Sensors and sensor elements on a thin-film basis are one of the product groups that represent our company's new direction. Platinum temperature sensors form the core of the product range, complemented by humidity and conductivity sensors and unique sensor platforms. We have an experienced development department that works closely with the academic sphere to develop additional sensor types and custom modifications of thin-film structures.



TESLA BLATNÁ has many years of experience in the development and production of battery chargers of all types, battery protection electronics (BMS), and electronics for commutator, DC, asynchronous, and BLDC motors. Our company has an experienced team of dedicated HW/SW developers. We are able to provide full support to our customers, from complete product design to preparation for certification. Every product we bring to market strictly complies with relevant international standards.

The essential features of our products include meeting low power consumption (Green Energy) standards, meeting electromagnetic compatibility requirements, safety standards, the use of quality components, and a thoughtful detailed design.

Charging / Battery Chargers


We have many years of experience in developing battery chargers according to customer requirements. We produce chargers in power ranges up to 35, 50, 90, 150, and 300W. We are presently developing a 550W charger design. When designing products, we follow the latest trends in the development of specialized circuits and advanced technologies, and we consult with manufacturers on application possibilities when necessary.

constant voltage


constant current


low power


BMS / Battery Management System


We have been designing and manufacturing protective electronics for Li-Ion batteries for over a decade. These batteries are among the most widespread today and can be found virtually everywhere, especially in mobile phones, hand tools, large battery energy storage systems for photovoltaic power plants, and electric vehicles.

multilevel overcurrent


cell balancing


over-under voltage


MC / Motor Control

Řízení motorů

One of our core development and manufacturing programs are electronics for commutator, DC, BLDC, and asynchronous motors used in power and cordless tools from 50W to 300W and in other industrial applications. The electronics are encased in plastic trays and inserted into a variety of power tools such as angle and straight grinders, drills, circular and oscillating saws, planers, groovers, and in drilling and demolition hammers.

sensor sensorless


soft quick


speed torque



The range of TESLA's services includes everything from product development, sampling, and support from the initial production phase to mass production. We work with the customer's development team and, where necessary, propose different design solutions to ensure the most efficient series production. We can help select the right components for the final product and choose the right testing strategy.

TESLA increases its customers' competitiveness by delivering the right quality at the right time and at the right price.

We achieve this by constantly developing and improving our processes and services. It is a big responsibility to serve as a manufacturing partner to a customer, and we take it very seriously.


Reducing energy consumption at TESLA premises

Project name: Reducing the energy consumption of the building of TESLA BLATNÁ, a.s.

Project No. : CZ.01.3.10/0.0/0.0/19_251/0022929

STAGE 1 30 JUNE 2020 - 31 MARCH 2022

As part of the implementation of the 1st stage of the project, a ventilation system with heat recovery will be installed in the M3 production hall. The replacement of the luminaires in the M3 building with LED technology will also be addressed in this phase. In building M4, the replacement of the windows, insulation and replacement of the existing luminaires with LED technology will be addressed, while the associated installation of new heating and electrical distribution will be made together with the lighting replacement.

STAGE 2 1 APRIL 2022 - 31 DECEMBER 2022

The 2nd stage of the project will include the implementation of insulation together with the replacement of window fillings and also the replacement of lighting in the M5 production hall. The heating system will be upgraded in buildings C6, M4 and M5. In building C6, replacement of windows will also be carried out. The insulation of the external heat distribution pipes from the central boiler room to buildings M3, U5, T1, C2, C1 and C6 will also be addressed in this phase.

STAGE 3 1 JANUARY 2023 - 30 MAY 2023

For Stage 3 of the project, the replacement of the heating source with a condensing boiler will be addressed together with the replacement of the opening fillings within the M4 and M5 production building. Replacement of existing light fittings with LED technology will be implemented within the M4 and M5 building.