TESLA Certified EMS supplier

Hlavička EMS

TESLA BLATNÁ offers PCB assembly and a complete range of pre-serial and sampling support. Our standard production batch ranges from 1,000 to 50,000 pieces.

You can come with a finished project or simply plans and a preliminary specification. We are confident that our full service will provide the right solution for you and your product. Product development, sampling, SMT and THT placing, extensive testing and final assembly, and more.


We are large enough to provide our services at the highest level. At the same time, we are lean enough to be flexible enough to adapt to changing customer requirements.


• Advantageous geographical location

• 30 years of experience in PCB assembly

• Quality test platform

• Trained team of employees

• In-house development and design

• High production flexibility



We develop electronic devices for you according to your requirements. We develop both hardware and software. The design you choose can have a big impact on functionality, but also on efficiency and therefore on price. That's why we pay the utmost attention to development. We are always looking for ways to develop the best product for you. A different component, a different layout, new software or a mould modification: all of these can make the difference.

pre-production verification

Before mass production begins, we carefully map the production process and define the necessary steps, tools, and equipment. If necessary, we further optimize the production process in terms of production quality and cost. In this way, defects can be identified early in the production process. The final step is to check and confirm whether the product can be manufactured according to the specific requirements and demands.


Prototype production is the next crucial step on the road to an optimal product and production process. To this end, we carry out sampling of the first batch, after which we carefully analyze the results together with the customer. In this way, our customers can be sure that we are concentrating 100% on the best possible solution.



Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is the high-tech heart of any production. Our production lines allow us to produce virtually any type of printed circuit board. In addition, we are also extremely flexible. Smaller, faster, more efficient? We can adapt almost instantly.


THT component mounting technology

At TESLA, THT component assembly is an intelligent combination of trained specialists, machinery, and efficient process design. In our flexible production, components are placed with a high degree of concentration and precision. All process steps are carried out sequentially. Potential defects can thus be identified immediately and changes can be made instantly. Subsequent soldering processes are carried out with respect to the selected product design.


Testing is a key step in the production process. During production, we carry out extensive testing in addition to constant inter-operational checks.

Automatic 3D optical inspection

High Voltage (Insulation) Testing

Functional product testing

End-of-line testing (mechanics/complete machine)


Automatic optical 3D inspection

Automatic optical 3D systems for inspection of printed circuit boards form a highly accurate inspection system. 3D AOI technology increases the success rate of real fault detection with minimal false reports, simplifies programming and faster creation of the program itself, and provides more accurate data for statistical process control (SPC). Last but not least, 3D technology also facilitates error interpretation by the production worker.


Functional testing

We manufacture functional testers according to the customer's specifications and customs. The testers test products against a wide range of specifications. The measured quantities are usually voltage levels, current magnitudes, power, or electrical properties of components. Measurements are usually made using measuring instruments or transducer cards. The test information is recorded in the product memory or in a database. When the test is completed, the product is marked by printing or sticker.


Some parts of the PCB assembly process, such as testing, require long-term know-how. We therefore invest heavily in our high-quality test platforms.

Over the years, our test platform has become a tool of great value. We use it not only to perform all relevant tests, but also to generate and record data in our database and ERP system. And, of course, we share this data with our customers.


Final assembly includes painting, gluing, potting, and other steps of electromechanical assembly, including output inspection and packaging.



Painting is an important step to protect components from various environmental influences (e.g. moisture and dust). Only a combination of state-of-the-art technology and high quality materials will ensure proper protection.


Two technologies that are important in the production process and are key to product quality are potting and gluing. We use the highest quality materials for both and have all the necessary equipment in-house.


Do you need to make a special case, fit additional mechanical components, or provide complete assembly? We also think about these requirements and are ready to meet them. We assemble printed circuit boards to your exact specifications. All products are packed in ESD packaging or in packaging in which the product can go directly to the end customer.