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Ignition cables transmit high voltage from the ignition coils to the spark plugs. The high-voltage spark then ignites the air-fuel mixture in the engine combustion chamber.

TESLA BLATNÁ, which offers more than 900 different sets of ignition cables, is the largest manufacturer of ignition cables in Europe in terms of range, quality and number of types offered. TESLA's extensive range covers 99% of the vehicles in Europe and neighbouring regions.


There are three basic types of ignition cables. These differ according to the material used to produce the conductive core and the way in which unwanted interference is suppressed. TESLA offers all three basic types - resistive, copper and inductive core cables.

Resistive core ignition cables contain a core made of glass fibres impregnated with carbon and then coated with conductive silicone (SILICONE RESISTIVE).

RESISTIVE CORE / Set specifications & cable parameters

designation TESLA cable diameter outer jacket temperature range ISO 3808 cable colour
TxxxB 7 mm silikon -40...+220°C E black
TxxxG 8 mm silikon -40...+220°C E black
TxxxH 7 mm silikon -40...+220°C E blue
TxxxS 7 mm silikon -50...+250°C F blue

The carbon-impregneted glass fibre bundle guarantees conductivity and increased tensile strength

A layer of conductive latex ensures conductivity and fibre fixation

A layer of conductive silicone acts as an electrically conductive joint and attenuation element for suppression

The inner layer of insulation acts as electrical insulation

Nylon tape braiding improves mechanical properties during bending

The outer silicone jacket protects the core, including the inner insulation, from the effects of the working environment


The designation TRIPLE SILICONE LEADS refers to the premium design of TESLA ignition cables. The TRIPLELINE mark refers to the range of ignition cables offered for Eastern European cars. Under this range you will find three series with unique technical characteristics.

TRIPLE SILICONE LEADS with a special coating to extend the cable life. This design of ignition cable is unrivalled on the market.

TRIPLE SILICONE LEADS with 8 mm cable diameter to increase mechanical resistance and a low resistance inductive core for optimum performance. The design is especially for race car enthusiasts.

TRIPLE SILICONE LEADS in SILICONE BASIC offering high temperature resistance up to 220°C (class E according to DIN_ISO 3808) and optimal high voltage transmission thanks to a reinforced conductive core (1.6-2.0 mm).

Private labels

TESLA ignition cable sets are manufactured using only premium quality components to withstand high voltages while resisting extreme temperatures, oils and other harmful substances in the engine compartment. TESLA's product range includes more than 900 different items. In addition to manufacturing under its own brand, TESLA also produces high-quality ignition cables under its customers' private labels. Each set of ignition cables is designed, manufactured and tested to meet or exceed OE quality and performance requirements.


We produce several million ignition cables per year. In order to ensure the high quality of all the cables we produce, we use automated computer-controlled machines from ARTOS company. Production is certified according to ISO standards. All production processes are subject to regular audits by our largest customers.


Ignition cables can be manufactured in different colors with marking according to customer requirements. The main material for the production of the wire and boots is silicone. Silicone has maximum heat resistance and high mechanical strength. The shape of the boots and the material used correspond exactly to the original design.


The ignition cable sets can be packaged in several types of standardized boxes or in plastic bags. We can help the customer with the design of the boxes and with the preparation of the catalogue. The customer receives complete data including cross-references with the main competitors. Of course, the data provided are continuously updated.

Other applications

95% of all ignition cables in the TESLA range are manufactured for gasoline-powered passenger cars. However, TESLA's product range includes many other types that are designed for other applications. These do not have to be only for popular vintage cars or motorcycles. Tesla offers also ignition sets for forklifts, snow and water scooters, boats and UL aircraft. For the increasingly popular cogeneration units or for any gas-powered industrial machinery, we offer special ignition cable designs with heat- and mechanically highly resistant boots and other protective features.


Vintage cars


Cogeneration units






Need an ignition cable and can't find it in the standard range? We will prepare a tailor-made solution for you. Send us your old cable and we will make you a new one. If you can't send the cable physically, at least send us a photo or drawing. In order for us to be able to prepare everything for you exactly according to your requirements, we need as much information as possible about the length and type of cable, the metal terminals and boots used. Please send your request together with any additional information to tesla@tesla-blatna.cz




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