New COP boots


As of 01.08.2023, we are expanding our range of coil-on-plug boots and including new types. You can find all new boots in the search engine on our website and in the TECDOC database. For each type, we have traditionally attached a photo and product information including technical data as well as data on the models and car makes for which these boots are intended.

In addition to the new coil-on-plug boots, we have also thought about optimising packaging, transport, and associated costs. We have added new boxes to our range that are primarily designed for the smallest types and their accessories such as guide rings and springs.

A new catalogue of all our coil-on-plug boots will be published by the end of September 2023. The catalogue will be available for download on our website. 

Even before this expansion, TESLA BLATNÁ was already the largest supplier of coil-on-plug boots in Europe. With the addition of more than 40 new types, we have further strengthened this leading position.

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New catalogue – Coil-on-plug boots

We have just released a new catalogue of coil-on-plug boots. The new catalogue contains 160 types of coil-on-plug boots for more than 4000 car models. TESLA was once the first company to introduce this range to customers in Europe. With the publication of the new catalogue, we have further strengthened our current position as the largest supplier of this range on the European market.

The catalogue contains an alphabetical list of car models and the corresponding types of coil-on-plug boots. In the second part of the catalogue, the boots are traditionally sorted by their numbers. For each type there are images, basic technical data, and an overview of all models. The last part of the catalogue contains many OE numbers to make it as easy as possible to find the right type of the coil-on-plug boots.  At the end of the catalogue, we have written a small recommendation on how to properly care for the ignition system and how to extend its life in a very simple way.

The new catalogue is available for download on our website under Coil-on-plug boots.


Dielectric silicone grease

Every car owner tries to do only the best for his car. Ideally, if it is almost free, it can improve the functioning of the engine and at the same time extend the life of its important parts.

However, one option that is far from being used by everyone is the correct application of dielectric silicone grease.

We supply the grease free of charge as part of packages of ignition coils and coil-on-plug boots. This is a 0.5 g pack. The pack can also be purchased separately. In addition to this small pack, we also offer a 10 g pack in a tube, which will be especially appreciated by service and specialist shop owners. 


What are the main advantages of using dielectric grease?

- As a great insulator, grease improves insulation and helps prevent voltage leaks in the ignition system. This can significantly extend the life of ignition parts. This effect is achieved because the grease prevents arcing (unwanted electrical discharge).

- The grease significantly reduces the risk of the spark plug sticking to other ignition parts.

- The grease contains silicone, making it hydrophobic (waterproof). This helps repel moisture, preventing corrosion that could significantly degrade the quality of the electrical connection.

- The dielectric grease prevents dirt, water and contaminants from reaching the spark plug.

- The grease is an insulator that resists extreme temperatures, preventing thermal damage to parts.

- Silicone grease is a low-maintenance product that can remain effective for a long time.


How to apply silicone grease correctly?

Due to its non-conductive nature, dielectric grease must NOT be applied to metal contacts of ignition parts. Follow the instructions below when applying the grease:

1.            Remove the spark plug.

2.            Clean the spark plug and silicone boot with a cleaner and with a wire brush.

3.            Squeeze a small amount of silicone grease onto a cotton swab or brush.

4.            Use the swab or brush to apply a thin layer to the inside of the boot.

5.            Always ensure that the grease does not get on the metal contacts of the ignition parts.


The use of silicone dielectric grease offers several advantages. To achieve these benefits, it is essential to follow the basic above-mentioned guidelines for proper application. If you need help, please contact us at any time. We will be happy to advise you.


Spark plugs

At the beginning of April, we introduced our new range of spark plugs in selected markets under the brand name TESLINE.

We have focused on the range of ignition parts for more than 50 years. We are the largest manufacturer of ignition cables, offer one of the widest ranges of ignition coils and are one of the few companies to offer a comprehensive range of coil-on-plug boots. The range of spark plugs thus fits exactly into the area where we have long stood out as one of the largest suppliers thanks to our knowledge and experience.


New e-shop

We are pleased to announce that we are launching a new e-shop from 09.05.2023.

Almost 3,000 products under the TESLA brand can now be purchased online from the comfort of your home in just a few minutes. The product range includes ignition cables, ignition coils, coil-on-plug boots, automotive bulbs and fuses. All products directly from our warehouse. Our goal is to make you as satisfied as possible with us. We don't just offer a quality product. We also offer support directly from the manufacturer and quality service. You can contact us at any time with any business or technical question. We will answer, check, solve... We are here for you and thank you for your interest in our products.


Automechanika Istanbul 2023

The largest exhibition dedicated to automotive spare parts in Turkey will be held in Istanbul from 8-11 June 2023. Visit our stand at TUYAP. At the fair we will present a number of new products in our wide range. If you are already interested in meeting us, please contact us now.


Reducing energy consumption at TESLA premises

Project name: Reducing the energy consumption of the building of TESLA BLATNÁ, a.s.

Project No. : CZ.01.3.10/0.0/0.0/19_251/0022929

STAGE 1 30 JUNE 2020 - 31 MARCH 2022

As part of the implementation of the 1st stage of the project, a ventilation system with heat recovery will be installed in the M3 production hall. The replacement of the luminaires in the M3 building with LED technology will also be addressed in this phase. In building M4, the replacement of the windows, insulation and replacement of the existing luminaires with LED technology will be addressed, while the associated installation of new heating and electrical distribution will be made together with the lighting replacement.

STAGE 2 1 APRIL 2022 - 31 DECEMBER 2022

The 2nd stage of the project will include the implementation of insulation together with the replacement of window fillings and also the replacement of lighting in the M5 production hall. The heating system will be upgraded in buildings C6, M4 and M5. In building C6, replacement of windows will also be carried out. The insulation of the external heat distribution pipes from the central boiler room to buildings M3, U5, T1, C2, C1 and C6 will also be addressed in this phase.

STAGE 3 1 JANUARY 2023 - 30 MAY 2023

For Stage 3 of the project, the replacement of the heating source with a condensing boiler will be addressed together with the replacement of the opening fillings within the M4 and M5 production building. Replacement of existing light fittings with LED technology will be implemented within the M4 and M5 building.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know a quality supplier?

An incredibly large number of companies sell automotive spare parts. It's impossible to quickly distinguish between a quality offering and a poor quality one. Yet there are several indicators that can help you. We will try to describe some of them briefly:

A company with a history, a strong brand and positive references is clearly the preferred choice.

The manufacturer usually offers a better service and a higher level of knowledge compared to wholesalers.

A company with a clearly defined product range can usually control the quality and breadth of its range better.

Nothing is predetermined and everything changes over time. In any case, at TESLA we try to make sure that you are always as satisfied with us as possible. And yes.... We are a manufacturer with a long history, a well-known name and a specialised range designed for auto electrics.

2. What to do if you can't find the part you are looking for?

At TESLA, we are constantly working to expand our product range. At the moment we offer 3,000 items and this number is still growing.  We continuously feed all data into the most widely used spare parts database, TECDOC. Of course, we are aware that this database is aimed more at professional users. For smaller companies or individual car owners we offer a constantly updated parts search engine on our website. For customers who like to search in classic catalogues and make handwritten notes, we still offer paper catalogues. And if you don't succeed there either, just drop us a line. Send a sample, a drawing, a photo and as much information about the car as possible and our colleagues will find a solution for you.

3. Why do we offer different types of ignition cables?

TESLA offers over 10 different types of ignition cables. The cables differ mainly in the construction of the core and the diameter of the cable itself. The core type is important for proper suppression and for the transmission of the high-voltage spark.  The resistance value, the correct length of the cables and its sufficient diameter all affect the driveability of your vehicle and allow the engine to run smoothly. For some car models, we offer you a choice between several cable types. If we do, we know we can afford to do so. We can even offer you different colors. But we don't compromise on one thing. The materials used are always of the highest quality.  We gladly leave this and other similar compromises to our competitors. We are convinced that this is not the way to go.

4. TESLA offers almost 200 different types of coil-on-plug boots. Other companies do not have this range. Why are these products interesting for the customer?

Ignition coils play a vital role in the ignition system. Without a high-voltage spark, your car won't even start. Replacing the entire ignition coil often seems to be the only solution. But if the headlight doesn't light, you're also not replacing the whole part, just the bulb inside. And it's the same with coils. The ignition coil is made up of many parts. One of the visible parts is the coil-on-plug boot, made of heat resistant material. If these boots are damaged, either mechanically or by the ravages of time, the transmission of the high-voltage spark may not be ideal. Simply replace the boot and you and your car will know immediately that the problem has been corrected. And everything was quick and for considerably less money than you would have to pay for a complete coil replacement. It's a small thing, but it saves you money and brings us happy customers.

5. TESLA recommends the use of a special lubricant when installing all ignition parts. What are the advantages of this lubricant?

We recommend applying a non-conductive silicone lubricant to the inside of the silicone boots on the ignition cable or ignition coil. This silicone lubricant helps protect the joint from moisture and leaks and prevents the boot from sticking to the ceramic part of the spark plug.

TESLA offers several types of this lubricant.  For coil-on-plug boots and ignition coils, this lubricant is included in the package in a small 1g bag of lubricant. For ignition cables, this lubricant can be ordered according to customer requirements. We also offer a 10g tube of lubricant for repeated assembly and replacement of ignition parts.

Quality assembly requires quality parts and experienced specialists. At TESLA, we strive to make sure you truly have everything your car deserves.

6. How can I find the right type of automotive fuses?

TESLA offers the widest range of automotive fuses on the market. There are actually a lot of fuses, so we understand very well situations where the customer doesn't know which type they actually need. Quality manufacturers also think about these cases. Each fuse should be marked - the fuse has a specific colour of plastic cover and the current value is usually written or stamped on it. In addition, you will find a colour photo and a drawing with dimensions for each fuse on our search engine. In addition to selecting the right types, do not underestimate the choice of supplier. The fuse is a small but very important component. It does not cost more than a few cents, but its improper function can cause considerable damage.

7. There are a number of brands of automotive bulbs in the world that are very similar to the TESLA brand. Why is this so?

The TESLA brand has been synonymous with quality automotive bulbs for decades. It is a brand that is well-known worldwide and very popular among customers. TESLA BLATNÁ is the only authorized user of the TESLA trademark for this product range. We can also replace one or two letters in the name. It is very easy. However, we think that our customers will appreciate it much more if they also find a quality product under a quality and well-known brand name. No fooling around and no compromises. We are pleased that the number of our satisfied customers is steadily growing, all over the world.