Automotive Fuses

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For over 40 years TESLA has been a strong brand for fuse technology with a very large assortment of automotive fuses, fuses holders and accessories.

A fuse is a small but very important safety part. It is designed to stop current from exceeding the rating of the wires or components according to safety specifications developed by the OEMs. At first glance, it’s hard to see the difference between good quality fuses and a counterfeits. The counterfeit may have the same physical dimensions but using it can be dangerous. It could result in a car fire causing serious damage to the vehicle and its passengers. With our company's fuses you can feel safe in your car. The design of all TESLA fuses and fuse holders meet or exceed OEM specifications for safety and technical performance.

BLADE fuses

At present, blade fuses are the global standard for automotive fuses and the most common fuse type used by automakers around the world. There are more electrical circuits on today’s vehicles. More circuits necessitate more fuses. Since space is at a premium, new types of fuses like multi fuses and more compact types are needed.

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TESLA BLADE fuses / assortment parameters

Type Series Range Ratings Voltage
FX MAXI 20A - 100A 10 32V
FE MAXI+ 20A - 60A 7 32V
FT ATO 1A - 40A 13 32V
FN MINI 2A - 30A 10 32V
FL LOW MINI 2A - 30A 8 58V
FR2 MICRO 2 5A - 30A 7 32V
FR3 MICRO 3 5A - 15A 4 32V
FU MULTI 5A - 7,5A 2 32V
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GLOW fuses Smart fuses glow when they blow. It is saving time to troubleshoot an open circuit.

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Surface of outlets Silver plated or tin plated outlets. Different maximal component temperature (125°C / 105°C)


Higher driving comfort led to the introduction of various new functions such as power windows, automatic wipers and air conditioning. A new type of fuses was needed - fuses that delayed the temperature rise accompanying high currents and therefore did not blow out immediately. The female part of the connection was also moved into some new fuses to improved reliability of the circuit. Fuses are more compact and more lightweight.

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TESLA CARTRIDGE fuses / assortment parameters

Type Connector Range Ratings Voltage
FJ07 Female terminal 20A - 100A 9 32V
FJ08 Female terminal 20A - 120A 9 32V
FJ09 Female terminal 45A - 75A 3 32V
FJ10 Female terminal 20A - 100A 8 32V
FJ11 Female terminal 20A - 120A 9 32V
FJ12 Bent male terminal 20A - 140A 10 32V
FJ13 Bent male terminal 20A - 140A 10 32V
FJ14 Straight male terminal 20A - 120A 9 32V
FJ15 Straight male terminal 20A - 120A 9 32V
FJ16 Female terminal 20A - 80A 8 32V
FJ17 Female terminal 20A - 60A 6 58V
FJ18 Female terminal 15A - 40A 5 32V
FJ19 Female terminal 15A - 40A 5 32V
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The Bolt down fuses are designed to protect heavy electrical cables that connect the battery and alternator. Designed to replace fusible links, which have less precise parameters. A strip fuse is a flat, bolt-down fuse element in housed and non-housed versions. The housed version has a window for visual inspection of the melting element. Typical applications can be found in diesel and battery powered vehicles.

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TESLA BOLT DOWN fuses / assortment parameters

Type Series Range Ratings Voltage
FS STRIP 30A - 175A 8 32V
FS1 STRIP 25A - 150A 11 36V
FS2 STRIP 35A - 500A 22 48V
FS1H STRIP with housing 30A - 150A 10 36V
FS2H STRIP with housing 35A - 500A 22 48V
FD MIDI 30A - 200A 10 32V
FG MEGA 40A - 500A 15 32V
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Fuses that are no longer used in new cars. Glass fuses in glass tubes with metal end caps that enclose the fusible element. Fuses vary in length and diameter according to amperage. Torpedo fuses were used in older model cars manufactured in Europe. A torpedo fuse consists of a heat resistant body with the fuse element, stretching over the exterior body of the fuse.

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TESLA CLASSIC fuses / assortment parameters

Type Material Range Ratings Voltage
FGL1 GLASS 0,5A - 10A 14 250V
FGL2 GLASS 0,5A - 10A 14 250V
FGL3 GLASS 5A - 35A 7 250V
FM CERAMIC 50A - 300A 9 58V


TESLA offers a comprehensive line of fuse holders, fuse blocks and fuse accessories for many automotive and industrial applications. Fuse holders for automotive style fuses includes holders for MINI, ATO, MAXI, MIDI, MEGA, Strip and Cartridge fuses. Fuse holders are available for In-Line, Bolt-Down, Panel Mount and PCB applications. The assortment of fuse blocks can hold up to twelve different ATO fuses.


TESLA's wide product range covers all the needs of professional technicians as well as the needs of shops, garages and car owners. Producers and large wholesalers can buy our fuses in bulk, packed in large paper cartons and plastic bags. MULTIBOXES are designed for professional installers who need a greater number and variety of fuses at the point of installation. The range is packaged in durable plastic trays. For medium-sized orders, smaller packs of 500 to 100 pieces of the required fuse type can be used. Aftermarket requirements are also fully covered. The sales assortment includes a variety of blister packs with pullers, fuses packed in small plastic boxes as well as fuses in very small quantities packed in plastic bags with company logo. Material construction meets or exceeds OEM specifications for safety and technical performance.



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